How to Support

Millions of students, parents and families are plagued by the affects of student loans. Many have delayed marriage, starting families, starting businesses and even saving for retirement to pay off student debt.


loan balance for average Americans between 18 – 34

3.9 Million

undergraduates with loans and no degree

$1.58 Trillion

in outstanding student loan debt

Direct impact to cause

Contributions sent directly to the student’s school

Education has become a burden instead of a blessing for many

Everyone has they unique educational journey. Your support makes that journey a little easier for students on that journey.

In 2018 Lisa’s bankruptcy documents listed how much she had sent over the years to Sallie Mae. After some 160 checks, she had paid just over $135,000 on her student loans. Roughly $100,000 went toward interest, padding the profits of Sallie Mae. Her balance now sat at $96,000.

This is Just one of the numerous burdens that Lite Tuition is looking to prevent.


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