Email Notifications and Templates

In this short tutorial, we will show how to use and adjust each email template found in the Email Notifications tab in the Administrator Dashboard.

Toggling the Email Notifications

You can toggle (using the toggle button on the right) which email notifications you want to allow. The next step will show you how to configure the message themselves.

Customizing the Email Templates

Using the built-in text editor, you can edit the content of the emails. On the top right, you’ll see the token system we’ve implemented which allows you grab details exclusive to that campaign. Just choose a value from the dropdown, and click “Insert Token”. This will insert that token in the position of your text cursor.

Check the screenshot below for the highlighted example.

To make sure this is all working correctly please make sure to switch the froala editor to the code view (using the code view button on the toolbar) and check that your token is wrapped with <tmplvar>. Wrapping it with <tmplvar> interpolates the tokens and without this there will be issues.

Please note: You can only insert <tmplvar> through the code view.

Check screenshot below for an example.

Email Notification Table

Here is a table showing when each email notification is sent (i.e. under what conditions).

Email TitleSent Condition
Campaign ApprovedWhen a campaign is approved manually
Campaign Auto ApprovedWhen a campaign is created and automatically approved ( toggle in the settings )
Campaign Cancelled By Administrator or ManagerWhen a campaign is cancelled
Campaign Currently Being FinalizedWhen a campaign is the Finalized step during Post Processing
Campaign Not ApprovedWhen a campaign is not approved
Campaign Sent For ReviewWhen a campaign is sent for review
Campaign Review SubmittedWhen a campaign is sent for review
Change Email RequestWhen an email change request is sent
Contact Form SubmitWhen the contact form has been submitted
Forgot PasswordWhen a Forgot Password request has been sent
Inline Account RegistrationWhen a new account has been registered
Campaign Pledge Direct ProcessingWhen a pledge is made to a Direct Processing campaign
Campaign Pledge Post ProcessingWhen a pledge is made to a Post Processing campaign
Pledge Processor – Campaign Capture CompletedWhen a campaign Capture process is completed
Pledge Processor – Campaign Capture StartedWhen a campaign Capture process is started
Pledge Processor – Campaign FinishedWhen a campaign has ended
Pledge Processor – Campaign Pre AuthorizationWhen a campaign has passed or failed the Pre-Authorization process
Account ReconfirmationWhen a re-confirmation email is sent to new accounts
Account RegistrationWhen a confirmation email is sent to new accounts
Campaign Stream UpdateWhen a campaign Stream is updated

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