New Raise Mode Payment Workflows (Direct/Post)

Due to demand from our users, we have introduced configurable payment workflows. Each Raise Mode (KiA or AoN) can now operate in either Direct or Post payment processing mode. This is configurable behavior from the portal admin UI.

With Direct payment processing mode contribution charges get processed immediately without any delays. This also means that the project or campaign creator needs to handle refunds manually.

Post payment processing mode (a sensible default) will process all contributions after the campaign has ended. It will first pre-authorize all credit cards used for contributions and then allow for those that failed to be re-tried. Additionally, it will give opportunity to the project creator to back out if success thresholds are not met. Refunds are handled automatically because if creators back out, pre-authorizations will fall off on their own. Finally, after a 5 day period those pre-authorizations will be captured if project creators did not back out.

Direct payment processing mode is preferred mode for KiA project or campaign creators. However, KiA can still be configured to use either Direct or Post payment processing mode.