Setting Per Campaign Transaction Fee

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to set the Campaign Transaction Fee, per campaign during setup. Please note that only the ADMIN has access to this feature.

Step 1: Log in as the Admin of your portal and turn the option on in the Administrator Dashboard settings

Step 2a: Create a new campaign

During the first tab “Basics” of the campaign creation, if you scroll down you’ll see the Campaign Percentage Fee field. Here you can adjust this setting to apply exclusively for this campaign.

If this field is left blank, then the default portal Transaction Fee setting in the  Payment Settings will be used instead.

Step 2b: As admin, you can also edit an existing campaign to change this percentage

Go to any campaign and hit EDIT. You’ll see the same field here.

(As admin)

Only admin can edit this field. Other users will see the number, but the field won’t be editable.

(As other users)

Step 3: Complete the campaign creation process

Just complete the campaign process and everything should be set and ready to go!